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There are no coincidences in the life of a Christian and God is all about the journey...the FAITH journey. He has promised that He already knows where He is taking us & it is our free will that gives us the responsibility of the choices we make. What He brings us to, He equips us for and no time has proven more momentous than 2020. Discover the "I WILL" statements that guide in these chaotic times.


The world may not recognize our potential, but the Lord does. He promises to love us unconditionally and wants us to discover His unique purpose for our lives. Each one of us is God's exclusive painting and we are His canvas. It is our responsibility to develop our gifts for His Kingdom. God can use anything in the strangest of skills and places: even something as silly as a 'pageant'.


God has given us criteria to become more like Him. We are to AIM for His values, His character and His ATTITUDES. Our attitude governs the way we perceive the world and the way the world perceives us. It governs the way we are ... or are not ... furthering His Kingdom. Our attitude must be applied in order to become aligned with Christ. Learn how we may follow the lesson in Ephesians to "be made new in the attitude of our minds."


Like a twisting vine, we go through life bending, arching, growing ~~weaving in and out of harmony with God~~ and even getting tangled in ourselves sometimes! But make no mistake, whatever shape it's in, our garden is sacred.

The reality is that nothing is hidden from God. He waits for us. He longs for us. Michelle offers lessons on how we can grow beautifully when we learn to better cultivate our time and prayer life.


Each of us has a daily impact on those around us, whether at home or work--or commuting between the two. That impact is determined by four factors. The details of each area roll out like a red carpet, beckoning the range of recent college graduate to established business professional. Too often we confuse significance with prominence. Examine how making a pact with yourself in your life approach can help you achieve true significance and influence.


A snap judgment. A quick assumption. We are all guilty of using our visual eyes instead of the eyes of our heart. What kind of person would you be if you looked deeper? Asked instead of assumed? Loved instead of leapt to conclusions? It's a painful truth that aging makes this harder. We've been there and done that and think we usually know best – or at least more! Defy the gravity of society's norms and your own personality pitfalls to be the best you can be – and see and bring that out in others.


A prism uses its light to disperse light. We each have the potential to do the same. How best can we live with the responsibility of affecting the actions and attitudes of others?

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