Motivational Speaker Michelle A Rahn

Ms. Senior America 2004

PROBLEM: Where are you in your life journey? Is your attitude making an impact? How do you keep going when the bottom falls out?

SOLUTION: Michelle A Rahn

PROBLEM: Are you using your given gifts "for such a time as this"? Has 2023 left you discouraged or ENCOURAGED? Are you an effective leader with your team? Are you truly relying on His promises?

SOLUTION: Michelle A Rahn

Meet Michelle A Rahn

A professional speaker/entertainer and teacher for over 40 years, Michelle connects with audience members, using music and humor. Her powerful message touches the hearts of all the listeners and empower people to be the best they can be. Her singing voice will solidify the message and implant it in your heart. Don't miss the opportunity to have her speak for your group, it will be a memorable experience for all!

If your event is in need of a magnetic force with experience, bring in Michelle to engage your participants!

Michelle was AMAZING! She showed up early, spent time getting to know the team and delivered a VERY inspiring talk. She included in the audience and really struck a cord with the team. We loved her!!!!

Mike Holbrook
Senior Housing Options

I had the opportunity to have Michelle Rahn be the closing speaker at our mid-year strategic retreat. Michelle's presentation truly ended the retreat on an extremely positive note. Those present felt very inspired and renewed to make a commitment to "be all you can be." I would highly recommend Michelle.

Denise Krug
VP, Workforce Development, Contracts, and Community Services
Discover Goodwill

We are so fortunate to have had Michelle as our keynote speaker at our Volunteer Educational Conference. She sincerely inspired our volunteers with her message and musical delivery. What an awesome way to motivate us to examine our inner selves as well as who we truly can be. Michelle's vibrant personality left so much energy in the room and her message continues to be a topic of conversation among our volunteers. Michelle made our event one we will always cherish.

Marcia Oliphant
Volunteer Leadership Council Chair
Medical Center of the Rockies, Loveland, Colorado

MICHELLE A RAHN, Ms Senior America 2004, talks about defying the gravity of personal or societal expectations and becoming the ultimate in what we CAN be, no matter what the age. She will challenge ATTITUDE choices made daily and its impact on life. Watch her in action at one of her recent presentations or check out the testimonies from the past.

Michelle A Rahn - Motivational Speaker

Introductory video to Michelle Rahn

Michelle Rahn - Aging Well Seminar

  • Inspiring/refreshing/adorable/real/love her heart
  • Engaging and fun/easy to listen and learn from

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